Dar al-Kalima Evangelical Lutheran School in Bethlehem

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Dar al-Kalima 2017 graduation. Photo by Ben Gray / ELCJHL

Dar al-Kalima Evangelical Lutheran School in Bethlehem is the newest of the ELCJHL Schools, founded in the year 2000. Dar al-Kalima is co-educational from kindergarten through the 12th grade and has an enrollment of 302 students for the 2011-2012 scholastic year. The makeup of the student body is diverse with 46% girls and 54% boys, and 42% Christian and 58% Muslim students, taught by 33 full time and part time teachers.

The school’s motto is summed up by the five C’s: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Christianity, and Commitment. The school believes in peaceful co-existence among all people, including harmony and tolerance among Palestinians, both Christians and Muslims. Dar al-Kalima provides top-quality education to all students, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or ability to pay tuition fees.

Central to the Dar al-Kalima experience is the unique Complimentary Program that helps achieve the ELCJHL Schools’ holistic educational approach. During the last hour of the school day, a wide variety of courses and clubs are provided to students, based on their personal interests and talents.

This school year’s offerings include table tennis, modern and folkloric dance, swimming, mosaic, choir, band, and an English-language club that teaches through interactive games. These activities provide opportunities for exercise and personal growth that the students might not otherwise find access to in their neighborhoods. It is Dar al-Kalima’s hope that these opportunities will spark a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Mr. Anton Nassar, Principal
Bethtony-close-uplehem, Palestine
Phone: +972-(0)2-276-7871
Website: www.daralkalima.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/daralkalima
Email:  info@daralkalima.com

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