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The ELCJHL Church at Beit Sahour welcomes you to attend its services. The congregation is energetic, engaging, and welcoming to all who attend.
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Congregational and Community Life
The leaders of the churches in Beit Sahour formed an ecumenical network which works together to support the Christian community and the whole community regardless of religion, race or creed. They have met with local Muslim leaders to support one another and to promote common values of human rights, dignity, justice and peace.

The scouting program reaches out to area youth to include them in the church community. The program began in 1995 to offer youth activities such as camping, workshops and band performances. They participate with the ecumenical youth network in all community events.

The church has always focused on service to the community and help wherever they can. Today, the church is focusing on building up the community’s spiritual life, through weekly prayer, music, Bible study and fellowship. Other ministries include the choir, folk-dancers, the Women’s Group and a ministry to married couples.

The church and the school hold a central place in Beit Sahour because many of the town’s people graduated from the school.
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Some say the meaning of Beit Sahour comes from the Aramaic, meaning house of the ones who watch during the night, named for the nearby shepherd’s fields where the angels appeared with tidings of great joy. Others say the meaning comes from the Arabic, meaning house of the magicians, for the wise men who came through the area in search of the Newborn King.

Pastor Imad Haddad was installed as pastor in March of 2008, marking the first time an ordained Pastor has served the church. Pastor Imad is now serving in Ramallah. Before that, Evangelist Hani Odeh had served the church from 1984.

The congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Beit Sahour grew out of the original mission school around 1900, during the Ottoman Empire. Christians suffered under the Ottomans, and their numbers were dwindling. The aim of the Beit Sahour mission was to teach the Christian faith in the simple, understandable Lutheran ways, to complement the more elaborate orthodox religious practices. Bible studies and devotions grew, and, in 1956, the church building was built.
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Service Times
Sunday: 9:00 a.m.
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Contact Information

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beit Sahour
P.O.Box 35
Beit Sahour, Palestine (via Israel)

Office: +972-(0)2-277-3710
Fax: +972-(0)2-277-3710

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