Our Schools

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The ELCJHL Director of Education Office is responsible for the four K-12 ELCJHL Schools and the 3 Educational Programs of the ELCJHL.

The ELCJHL Schools have a long history of service to the Palestinian communities, dating back to the foundation of an orphanage and educational program for Arab girls in 1851. This was the first education program for the female youth of Palestine. Today, the four schools are serving more than 2,000 students with the help of nearly 200 full- and part-time educators.

Since their beginnings, ELCJHL schools have served the youth of their communities, regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability to pay.

Gender balance and equality is still an emphasis of the ELCJHL Schools, with all schools learning together in a co-educational framework in which 44% of students are female and 56% of students are male.

Peace Education and Interfaith Dialogue are also key emphases of the ELCJHL Schools. Muslim and Christian populations in ELCJHL Schools reflect closely the populations of their communities. On the whole, 52.5% of ELCJHL students are Christian, and 47.5% of students are Muslim.

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